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  The importance of HSE in Tidewater Middle East Most of large companies and organizations are trying to utilize their manpower and equipment deploying their different management capabilities including financial, administrative and technical. Our studies show that despite all our efforts in this regard the damages and losses that the manpower and properties of the company suffered in course of its operations has been always a negative factor towards realization of its plans and expectations. The protection and maintenance of specialist manpower and the safety of equipment as capitals of the company, has been always to core of attention of all managers.

On the other hand, the growth of knowledge in the community and recognition of the high value of mankind has resulted in paying special attention to the long term injuries that one may suffer as a result of his / her industrial activities in course of its career. Also, as the mankind is not the only organism in the life cycle and has to protect other organisms and also to think to the future generations and its activities might not result in destruction of other organisms and resources. Although the health, safety and environment issues in the workplaces have been in an independent manner and based upon the level of knowledge and interests of the managers and the employees of these three sectors were doing their best to achieve to the higher level of standards in each sector; but due to the fact that some indices in each of the said sectors were not in harmony with production and productivity indices, this resulted in a emerging a sense that these issues impose an additional load on managers' shoulders.

 On the other hand, the investment and resources needed in these sectors seems to be unlimited and this result in more ambiguity in determination of clear executive targets to be in harmony with other activities of the company. The majority of such considerations along with development in management systems resulted in formation of a system in large companies called HSE. By use of this system, the majority of specialty operations and activities of the company in each of health, safety and environment sectors are defined as one of features of the modern management. On the basis of this definition, the three sectors, health, safety and environment, are not distinct sectors to require different units in the company but rather any employee of the company, in addition to its specialty duties, has some additional duties which relates to HSE issues. Based on this idea and for the purpose of harmonizing the performance of the personnel in the field of HSE system a group of experts with the related specialties are gathered in a division named HSE to supervise and manage HSE-related activities of personnel.

 One of the important factors in HSE system is definition of integrate and similar performance indices and assessment factors of risks in each of HSE sectors. On the basis of this norm of valuation and prioritization each risk will be defined in connection with other risks and the performance assessment and management analysis will become possible. Tidewater Middle East's managers believe the importance of each of health, safety and environment and, through establishment of HSE system, in line with increase of company's readiness and capabilities for increase in work volume and port operations, has made the customers assured in connection with safety and security of its customers.

HSE Policies Tidewater Middle East Company, as one of the largest port operator in the field of marine and port affairs of the I. R. Iran, believes that the establishment of HSE will increase the safety / security of cargo and services and will result in customer satisfaction and, consequently, this will lead the company to increased productivity and capability via decrease of risks and hazards in technical and operational sectors; so that binds itself to the following duties:
To establish a suitable organizational structure for HSE management
To lead the company towards observation of the applicable national and international regulations in this sector
To secure all needed resources for establishment, development and continuous promotion of HSE management system
Recognition, assessment and management of risks and hazards and their environmental aspects and reviewing them
To implement the control, decrease and prevention measures of the environmentally hazardous factors in workplace, diseases and pollutions on the basis of annual plans and, finally, to supervise over its implementation.
To encourage the employees towards establishment, maintenance and dynamism of HSE;
To increase the knowledge level of employees on HSE issues in harmony with their job and duties.

  Powerd  by Rahyab Rayaneh Gostar Copyright  2010 Tidewaterco