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There have been a lot of people who insisted in their values and sacrificed themselves and leaved a permanent heritage. They selected the permanent living and elevated the humanitarian flag by their blood and became the leaders of lovers. They were noting but became all; they were drops but joined to the sea and became the sea. They leaved all they had and martyred alone. Notwithstanding the fact that they are not with us right now, but their memorial are with us all the time. This introduction was prepared as a memorial of the people who were in front of defending their people and country all the time by taking part in a Holy Jihad against all enemies; hope their fruitful and full of sacrificing life to be a guide for us towards a better life.
 Tidewater Middle East is honored that 21 of its personnel selected this holey way and sacrificed their life in the way of justice and equity during the course of the Islamic Revolution and Iran – Iraq war. The first martyr of Tidewater Middle East, Mr. Ali Mohsenzadeh, was martyred in the course of the Islamic Revolution by Shah's agents. Then, Mr. Aziz Moradi was martyred in a clash of Iraqi army in Ahwaz, when he was carrying out a mission in relation with his job. Other martyrs (19 martyrs) lost their life in course of fire fighting and extinguishing of fire in Iranian oil wells in south Iran offshore including: 10 martyrs in Pooneh Ship, 3 in Raana Ship, and 6 in Tavakkol Ship. Here, we wish to tell a little more about the martyring of our dear colleagues said above and also one of our colleagues who was killed by thief when he was doing his mission as a guard:

A. Pooneh Tug Boat:
The boat became the target of an Iraqi rocket in an attack to Norooz oilfield at 2:12 on March 2nd, 1983. As a result, Pooneh Tug Boat, which had been dispatched to Khoor Moosa for fire fighting, was damaged. The stormy conditions at the time of attack resulted in firing whole of the boat within a short time. Nine of our colleagues martyred and only two of the crews, namely Messrs Mahmood Abudoleh and Hamzeh Karamabbas, were rescued by Rajavali Tug Boat, which was in vicinity of the accident with 1500 m distance from Pooneh. Mr. Karamabbas's burn was in such a degree, which all of his cloths had been burnt. They were transferred to the platform and, immediately, the treatment program was commenced. Due to sever burn of Mr. Hamzeh Karamabbas the rescue of his life became impossible and he finally joined to his other martyr colleagues – the inadequacy of the equipment was another reason of his death of course. Finally, Pooneh gradually sank at 5.5 am. The rescue operations commissioned within a short time after its sinking but no sign of human body found. The names of martyrs of this event are:
Mr. Khalif Ebrahimi
Mr. Ahmad Shirzadi
Mr. Seyed Salman Moosavi
Mr. Abbas Heidari
Mr. Abbas Nesari Abdollahi
Mr. Abdolrahim Amooni
Mr. Hamzeh Karamabbas
Mr. Khalfian Moarrefi
Mr. Hassan Shetali
Mr. Majid Gholilzadeh
Mr. Mahmood Abudoleh (Injured)

B. Raana Vessel:
The Vessel was attacked in Persian Gulf by Iraqi army at 13:30 on October 24th, 1984 and it was damages as a result of a rocket attack and three of its crew were killed namely: Mr. Mohammad Abrang, Mr. Abdolamir Behbehanizadeh, Mr. Gholamreza Olfat.

 C. Tavakkol Tug Boat: The boat was attacked at 20:00 on February 13th, 1985 in Farsi Peninsula by an Iraqi rocket and 6 of its crew were martyred namely: Messrs Gholamhossein Sabzyadashti, Eshagh Alavan Nasari, Abolfath Ahmadzadeh, Abdolrazzagh Salehinia, Hooshang Falakdin, and Fereydoon Rezaee. This was the third vessel of the company targeted by Iraqi army rockets in the year 1984 and, as a result, the number of Company's martyrs increased to 21.

D. Fighting with thief in Shahid Rajaee Container Terminal: Mr. Ali Paslarzadeh, Tidewater Middle East's colleague, was martyred as a result of a fighting with the thief on October 29th, 2006. He was killed in a course of a fight with unknown thief who aimed a theft. He had two children.


  Powerd  by Rahyab Rayaneh Gostar Copyright  2010 Tidewaterco