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Nine Liebherr MHCs Delivered to Kuwait
Container Management Magazine [1387/12/26]
Kuwait-based Al Ghanim & Al Majid Logistics Group (AGAM) has taken delivery of nine Liebherr mobile harbour cranes (six LHM 400 models and three LHM 500s) for its container-handling concessions in the ports of Shuaiba and Shuwaikh.
Six MHCs, fully tested in-house and partially pre-assembled, were shipped in one delivery to Kuwait from the Liebherr factory’s pier at its test site in Rostock, Germany.
The new cranes each have a lifting capacity of 104 tonnes and a maximum outreach of 51 m. When handling Panamax container liners, the LHM 500 has a capacity of 50 tonnes below the spreader and an outreach of 40 m, allowing full twin-lift operation up to the 13th row. Even when operating on post-Panamax vessels, the LHM 500 is capable of handling 40 ft containers up to the 17th row (51 m).
The cranes weigh up to 500 tonnes each and have a versatile multi-axle, Rubber-Tire undercarriage, which allows them to turn in any direction. They are also equipped with Liebherr’s Litronic crane control system and fuel-saving economy software.
“This major order is another proof for Liebherr’s advanced technology in the maritime container handling sector,” said Johannes Malin, senior sales manager at Liebherr-Werk Nenzing’s division in Dubai.

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